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Impressions from London: Symphonic Legends

After the resounding success of Final Symphony London, video game music returns to the Barbican Centre on July 13, 2014 with Symphonic Legends London – an exciting new concert performed once again by the famous London Symphony Orchestra.

(Over the next few days we’ll be posting news, impressions, glimpses behind the scenes and snapshots from the rehearsals here: you can also keep up-to-date with all the news on Twitter!)

13 July: Despite the final of the football World Cup taking place, the concert hall was filled to the last seat with nearly 2,000 fans on hand to enjoy Symphonic Legends. After an awesome performance the orchestra was greeted with an immediate standing ovation! It was a spectacular night and we have to give special thanks to the London Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Chorus, Spark and of course the fans for helping to create such an unforgettable experience!
And more exciting news from the night: the London Symphony Orchestra has already announced that it will be back with another video game concert in 2015.
(Photos: Symphonic Legends Londonnew concert with the London Symphony Orchestra 2015 announced)

12 July: Rehearsals at the Royal Festival Hall. The arrangements are sounding great already – as always the London Symphony Orchestra is on top form with some impressive playing. That's skill at the highest level!
(Photo: Rehearsals at the Royal Festival Hall)

11 July: The team gathers in London, with artists arriving from all over Europe and beyond to become part of the Symphonic Legends experience. It’s fascinating to think how the performances of so many different parties can combine together so seamlessly to create such an exciting concert.
(Photo: Conductor Rasmus Baumann and composer Jonne Valtonen discussing scores)

10 July: This concert looks set to deliver superlatives in all areas. Almost 35kg of paper has been printed out to provide all the scores for the conductor, the orchestra and the choir performing Symphonic Legends. With 200 musicians on stage, it’s certainly no wonder!
(Photo: Percussion part for Symphonic Legends)


Symphonic Legends is a concert featuring music from the Legend of Zelda series, to be performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Symphony Chorus on 13 July 2014. Joining the musicians for the concert will be internationally renowned classical band, Spark.

Following Final Symphony London, Symphonic Legends London is the orchestra’s second video game music concert.

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