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On our way: World premiere of Final Symphony II in Bonn

The world premiere of the brand new Final Symphony II will be performed in Bonn on August 29, 2015. Same as for our previous concerts, we will keep you informed about the progress, here on our website!

(News, impressions, glimpses behind the scenes and snapshots from the rehearsals: we will also be keeping anyone interested up-to-date on Twitter).

29 August: Such an honour! The world-premiere of Final Symphony II has been celebrated with Standing Ovations. The orchestra and the team are overjoyed, the grand reception is more than we could possibly hope for! And now? Next stop: London!
(Photo: The team says Thanks so much!)

28 August: Last day of rehearsals, with Masashi Hamauzu welcomed as our guest. After the performance of Final Fantasy XIII he expressed his deep gratitude to arranger Jonne Valtonen. He is incredibly impressed by the score.
(Photo: The arrangers at the Beethovenhalle)

27 August: For the first time, Mischa Cheung performed the piano concerto for Final Fantasy IX today. No doubt about it: This is going to be a highlight at Final Symphony II!
(Photo: Mischa Cheung performs on the piano)

26 August: Even after many concerts, a certain nervousness is undeniable before the first melodies of a world premiere are performed in rehearsal. But don't worry: The new scores are again at a very high level. Something the arrangers Jonne Valtonen, Roger Wanamo and Masashi Hamauzu are now well known for!
(Photo: Rehearsals start)

25 August: The wait is almost over. Today, the Merregnon Studios team arrived in Bonn. Tomorrow, the rehearsals for Final Symphony II will start here in Bonn.


Under the direction of conductor Eckehard Stier, the Final Symphony II concert features arrangements from Final Fantasy V, VIII, IX and XIII. Also performing is pianist Mischa Cheung, best known for his appearances with the award winning classical band Spark. Composer Masashi Hamauzu will be the guest of honor at the the world premiere in Bonn.

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