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Turrican II world premiere on Classic FM this week

The UK radio station Classic FM will be premiering the track Freedom on Thursday.

On November 10, UK radio station Classic FM will be premiering the track Freedom from the upcoming Turrican II - The Orchestral Album during its 5pm (6pm CET) evening show, Drive with John Brunning.

“It’s fantastic to have our album premiered on such an important and influential radio station”, commented composer Chris Huelsbeck. “I never imagined hearing my music played alongside the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and John Williams, but it’s really happening!”

The production team for the album recently spent two days recording with the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, along with conductor Eckehard Stier and main arranger Roger Wanamo. Listening to the performances via a live stream from his studio in the US, Chris Huelsbeck said: “I was left speechless by the music. I’m not afraid to admit that I had to wipe my eyes on more than one occasion. I am so grateful to both the orchestra and the whole studio team, especially Nilento, the sound engineering team, and recording engineer Lars Nilsson, who will also work on the full mix and mastering of the album.”

Following the world premiere on Classic FM, the first ever live performance of music from the album will take place in Bochum, Germany on November 12 as part of the Symphonic Selections concert.
There are two performances on the day and Chris Huelsbeck will be attending both.

Tickets for the afternoon performance can be found here:

- while tickets for the evening performance are here:

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