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Turrican II - The Orchestral Album available now

Great news for all fans of Turrican II's music: the new album featuring orchestral arrangements is available now to all backers of the Kickstarter campaign.

Today Chris Huelsbeck announced that backers of his Turrican II - The Orchestral Album will get an e-mail containing the individual download code for the digital album within the next hours.

Says Chris Huelsbeck: “It's really exciting and I'm so pleased that we are able to deliver the music to you sooner than expected. Thanks again to all my fans for all your continued support - we can't wait for you all now to hear the full album and let us know how you like it!”

The final tracklisting:

1. Turrican II - The Final Fight (06:27)
2. Turrican II - The Desert Rocks (04:22)
3. Turrican II - Traps (04:27)
4. Turrican II - Exploring Secret Dungeons (03:49)
5. Turrican II - The Great Bath (05:28)
6. Turrican II - Concerto for Laser and Enemies (03:58)
7. Turrican II - The Wall (04:12)
8. Turrican II - The Final Challenge (04:16)
9. Turrican II - The Hero (03:40)
10. Turrican II - Freedom (04:35)

The accompanying PDF booklet will be available for download in December. It features a brand new, detailed interview with Factor 5 boss Julian Eggebrecht.

You can also still pledge towards the Turrican II – The Orchestral Album and get hold of the digital album or one the very limited Collector’s Edition Boxes, featuring art prints, orchestral scores and vinyl discs here:

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