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Thomas Böcker talks Final Symphony with gamesTM

Following the launch of the Final Symphony digital album, Thomas Böcker chats to UK magazine gamesTM about live concerts and recording at Abbey Road Studios.

Respected UK gaming magazine, gamesTM, recently had the chance to sit down with producer Thomas Böcker for an exclusive chat about the launch of the chart-topping Final Symphony album and his experience of recording at Abbey Road Studios, as well as video game music’s place in the larger classical music scene.

“When I started 12 years ago, I think the games music scene really didn’t get much respect at all. But over the years, you can see that a budget grew for orchestral recordings, for example, and developers started to care more for the audio part of the games.”

Böcker also talks frankly about how he persuaded Nobuo Uematsu to actually attend the recordings in London – and what the composer’s response was. “If I said he was ‘freaking out’, that’s not what a Japanese person would typically do, but you know what I mean!”

The full interview can be found now over on gamesTM’s website:

Final Symphony, the album, is available now on iTunes.

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