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Game concerts: new website launches

Long overdue, the new website for video game music concerts - Game Concerts - is finally online.

Along with news, background, photos and an overview of coming events, information about the Final Symphony, Symphonic Fantasies and Symphonic Legends concerts can be found on our official website. Our arrangers also provide an insight into their work on the scores there.

A big thank you goes to for the fantastic work – for years has been our first port of call when we need excellent design and layout. In addition, we would like to thank the writers, translators and editors Mikko Laine, Matthias Oborski and Thomas Nickel and photographers Philippe Ramakers, Shinjiro Yamada and Patrick Bontant.

From today, is your first port of call for news relating to our video game music concerts. In addition, we will continue to post reports on Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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