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Game Concerts - We Love Video Game Music

Behind the scenes video shows what makes game concerts so special for fans of the music.

Recorded at this year’s Final Symphony II concert at London’s Barbican Centre with the London Symphony Orchestra, this brand new video gives viewers an exclusive, back stage glimpse of some of the rehearsals, along with musical excerpts from the program that have yet to be heard outside of the concert halls.

The new video is available to watch right now over at our YouTube channel.

In it you’ll see conductor Eckehard Stier and soloist Slava Sidorenko, along with the LSO, performing the music of Nobuo Uematsu and Masashi Hamauzu in a show that brought multiple standing ovations and an unforgettable evening’s entertainment to the Barbican audience.

Video game concerts are one of the most exciting new branches of orchestral music and becoming increasingly popular, not just with fans of the games, but also with a wider audience of music lovers. Speaking to members of the video game music and Final Fantasy communities it’s clear just how passionate fans are about experiencing the music from their favourite games live and at the very highest level. As music student Mikey Parsons – who was able to go backstage and watch the rehearsals after responding to a competition set by the London Symphony Orchestra – mentions in the video, “I think it’s really important to see it performed by a live orchestra; the experience is so much more intense and involved.”

Heading out during the interval with camera in hand, we spoke to a number people at the show, many experiencing this kind of concert for the very first time, and the response was unanimously positive, showing how video game concerts are shaking up the classical world and bringing new audiences that would have never previously gone to see an orchestra play.

As one gentlemen observes: “I was absolutely blown away by it!”

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