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Classic FM: Vote for the Hall of Fame has started

Once again this year, the radio station Classic FM is organising a vote for the most popular classical music. In 2013, Final Fantasy made it into third place.

It was the news that sparked a controversial discussion on internet forums as music from the Final Fantasy series was voted third most popular piece of classical music in the world. But with Classic FM allowing its listeners to vote for film music too, the definition of classical in this context is obviously broad.

Video game PR consultant Mark Robins has been campaigning for years to get more recognition for music from computer and video games. With this in mind, he set up his own campaign Get Video Games Music into the Classic FM Hall of Fame; he regularly shares news about the topic on Facebook and Twitter.

The vote for the most popular classical - or more accurately: orchestral - music is being run on the Classic FM website. The results for 2014 will be announced over the Easter weekend.

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