Thomas Böcker
Schaufußstraße 3
01277 Dresden / Germany

Phone +49 351 3324029

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International Management & Promotion
Shannen Liu / Gregor Kotow
Schiffgraben 59
D-30175 Hannover / Germany

Phone +49 511 47416545

Thomas Böcker


Thomas Böcker is the founder and creative driving force behind Merregnon Studios. For two decades he has been responsible for conceiving, producing and promoting award-winning orchestra concerts around the world.

With a passion for using symphonic music to tell stories, Böcker has worked with some of the most distinguished ensembles to bring the beauty of orchestral sound to a family audience. The London Symphony Orchestra, the San Francisco Symphony, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra have all enthusiastically performed under his guidance. No stranger to world-class concert halls, Böcker has been around the globe multiple times and produced shows in venues such as the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Philharmonie de Paris, Davies Symphony Hall San Francisco, Festival Hall Osaka, Vienna Concert Hall and Philharmonie Berlin.

In addition to his concert work, Böcker has produced a number of studio albums, including the classical chart topping Final Symphony, recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios.

Final Symphony II Thomas Boecker 04FS BARBICAN 0660FINAL SYMPHONY ABROAD 0039Final Symphony II Thomas Boecker 03

“Thomas Böcker is the most respected concert producer
of video game music in the world.”
LEVEL magazine Sweden, issue 95

Concert productions


2021 Skyrim 10th Anniversary Celebration (Concert film production in London)
2021 Merregnon: Land of Silence (Concert film production in Stockholm)
2019 Symphonic Memories Kawasaki
2019 Final Symphony II Amsterdam
2019 Final Symphony II Essen
2019 Symphonic Memories St. Gallen
2019 Symphonic Memories Oulu
2018 Final Symphony Melbourne
2018 Symphonic Selections Dortmund
2018 Symphonic Memories Stockholm — music from Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross
2018 Final Symphony Vienna
2018 Final Symphony Munich
2018 Final Symphony Berlin
2018 Final Symphony Hamburg
2017 Final Symphony Hong Kong
2017 Symphonic Odysseys London
2017 Symphonic Odysseys Paris
2017 Symphonic Selections Paris
2017 Symphonic Selections Munich
2016 Symphonic Selections Bochum
2016 Final Symphony Auckland
2016 Symphonic Fantasies London
2016 Final Symphony San Francisco
2016 Final Symphony Baltimore
2016 Final Symphony San Diego
2016 Final Symphony II Stockholm
2016 Final Symphony Amsterdam
2016 Final Symphony II Tampere
2015 Final Symphony II Yokohama
2015 Final Symphony II Osaka
2015 Final Symphony II London
2015 Final Symphony II Bonn — music from Final Fantasy V, VIII, IX and XIII
2014 Final Symphony Tampere
2014 Symphonic Legends London — music from The Legend of Zelda
2014 Final Symphony Stockholm
2014 Final Symphony Aarhus
2014 Final Symphony Tokyo
2013 Symphonic Selections Cologne — Japanese Video Game Music
2013 Final Symphony London
2013 Final Symphony Wuppertal — music from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X
2012 Symphonic Fantasies Stockholm
2012 Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo
2011 Symphonic Odysseys Cologne — Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu
2011 LEGENDS Stockholm — music from Nintendo
2010 Symphonic Legends Cologne — music from Nintendo
2009 Symphonic Fantasies Cologne — music from Square Enix
2008 Symphonic Shades Cologne — Hülsbeck in Concert
2007 Fifth Symphonic Game Music Concert Leipzig
2006 Fourth Symphonic Game Music Concert Leipzig
2005 Third Symphonic Game Music Concert Leipzig
2004 Second Symphonic Game Music Concert Leipzig
2003 First Symphonic Game Music Concert Leipzig

Music releases


2021 Albion Online (Orchestra production coordinator)
2020 Symphonic Memories — music from Square Enix (Consultant)
2020 PUBG MOBILE — Theme Music, Orchestral Version (Production coordinator)
2019 PUBG — Erangel Orchestra (Production coordinator)
2018 Turrican — Rise of the Machine (Co-producer)
2017 Turrican — Orchestral Selections (Co-producer)
2016 Turrican II — The Orchestral Album (Co-producer)
2016 Albion Online (Orchestra production coordinator)
2015 Final Symphony — music from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X (Producer)
2013 Turrican Soundtrack Anthology (Co-producer)
2012 Dragon's Dogma (Orchestration coordinator)
2012 Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo (Producer)
2011 Symphonic Odysseys — Nobuo Uematsu (Consultant)
2010 Symphonic Fantasies — music from Square Enix (Producer/consultant)
2010 Distant Worlds II: more music from Final Fantasy (Production consultant)
2008 Symphonic Shades — Hülsbeck in concert (Producer)
2008 Musica e WCCF secondo movimento (Production coordinator)
2008 drammatica — Yoko Shimomura (Production coordinator)
2007 Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy (Production consultant)
2007 Vielen Dank — Masashi Hamauzu (Production coordinator)
2005 Merregnon Soundtrack — Volume 2, Japanese Edition (Producer/consultant)
2004 Merregnon Soundtrack — Volume 2 (Producer)
2000 Merregnon Soundtrack (Producer)