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Video recording of Final Fantasy VI performance online

The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra releases its critically acclaimed performance 
of the Final Fantasy VI Symphonic Poem online today!

We are pleased to announce that the award winning Final Fantasy VI Symphonic Poem, performed by the world famous Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, is now available to watch, for free and on demand, via the orchestra’s official concert streaming service Comprising one movement of the critically acclaimed Final Symphony concert program this marks the first time the Symphonic Poem has been heard anywhere outside of the concert hall. Final Symphony is an officially licensed series of concerts featuring symphonic music from the Final Fantasy video game series.

Recorded earlier this summer at the Stockholm Concert Hall, the twenty minute Symphonic Poem is a thrilling and evocative musical journey that tells the story of Terra Branford, a mysterious young woman born with the gift of magic. Expertly arranged by Roger Wanamo, the Symphonic Poem features some of composer Nobuo Uematsu’s best loved melodies, including the legendary carnival macabre theme of lead villain Kefka and Terra’s own endearingly popular signature tune. Tobias Bjarneby, Editor-in-Chief of LEVEL magazine, called the performance “20 incredibly beautiful minutes of music that sends shivers through the body,” while Joe Hammond, Senior Editor at respected game music website described it as “a brilliant rendition of what many would call the greatest video game soundtrack ever made.”

“The music of Nobuo Uematsu remains as powerful and as moving today as it did when we first heard it twenty years ago,” said Final Symphony producer Thomas Böcker. “It’s been an honour and a pleasure to bring his music to the concert hall and now, for the first time ever, we’re delighted to be able to share the Symphonic Poem online with the world in this, Final Fantasy VI’s 20th anniversary year. The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the world’s finest orchestras, with a long tradition of performing video gaming’s best-loved melodies, and they have produced a concert video that does true justice to the music.”

You can view the full, twenty minute, high-definition concert performance of Final Fantasy VI Symphonic Poem now, for free, by visiting

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